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With all the skepticism about the extended auto warranty industry, it was very pleasing to contact such a professional sales representative as Jason S. Not only did he answer many and all of my concerns, but he went far beyond what most would do to provide the best customer service in the industry. After speaking with over a dozen sales representatives from other companies, I should know full well. Jason gave me the best price and value available, for inevitable costly auto repairs.

Thanks again and God Bless.


Thank You Jason,

It was great working with you. I searched around to locate the best policy for my vehicle and Safe Auto Repairs was the best option.

Thank you for extending the discounts for me until I was able to pay my down payment as well as working it out for me to keep my payments within my budget.

God Bless You and Your Family.

Carol S.

Dear Sir,

I recently purchased an extended warranty from Mark. I just wanted to comment on his salesmanship and customer service. Mark has been very
accommodating and patient with me in reference to my purchase. I am not an impulsive buyer/shopper. I did research on your company and information that was disturbing and/or not clear, I would email Mark for a response.

He was not pressuring or condescending... he was a a good salesman. Customer service is very important to me. Companies have lost my business because a representative was rude and/or incompetent.

This sale was made on the way that Mark professionally handled my skepticism and provided me with information that I felt was credible.

I am a hard sale and if Mark did it, he worked for it and deserve my business. Thank you.

Rachelle B.

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