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Royal IAP OEM Coverage Plan

For the most accurate and up to date description of coverage, please
view the actual contract here: Royal IAP OEM Coverage Plan Contract

The OEM Vehicle Service Contracts cover all vehicle parts except:

The maintenance, service and parts described in the Vehicle’s Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule, including timing belts failures occurring after such scheduled service dates unless such scheduled service was in fact performed. Recreational Vehicle equipment such as, but not limited to, refrigerators, ice boxes, microwave ovens and televisions.
• Tires/Wheels/Wheel Covers
• Light Bulbs
• Battery
• Paint
• Lenses
• Trim
• Upholstery/Convertible & Vinyl Tops

Other normal maintenance services and parts including engine tune-up, suspension alignment, wheel balancing, filters, lubricants, engine coolant, fluids, spark/glow plugs, brake pads, linings and shoes.
• Drums and Rotors Except When Damaged By a Covered Part
• Body Panels • Exhaust System/Catalytic Converter
• Rust/Corrosion • Cellular Telephones
• Video Entertainment Systems

Anti-theft systems, radio/speaker equipment and any other equipment when not installed by the Vehicle Manufacturer. Passive or active safety and restraint systems and any sensors/components related to the operations of those systems.
• Physical Damage/Water or Air Leaks
• Bright Metal
• Glass
• Sealed Beams
• Sheet Metal/Bumpers
• Hoses/Belts (Except AC Lines)
• Moldings/Weather-Strips

Fluids, filters and lubricants are not covered, except when required in connection with the repair or replacement of covered parts. The program does not cover failures related to events listed under the section What is not Covered.

Optional Coverages

ENTERTAINMENT GROUP: If You have selected to purchase this Optional Coverage and the box marked entertainment Group is checked on the Declarations Page, the following benefits are provided to You: Electronic - Manufacturer Installed DVD, GPS Navigation or Electronic Entertainment Consoles, Auxiliary Light Switches, and Captain’s Chair Motors and switches. Rear Air Conditioner - Expansion Valve, Evaporator, Capacitors, Relays, Blower Motor and Switch, and Seals and Gaskets. All parts covered must have been installed by the original manufacturer for coverage to apply. After market installations are not eligible for coverage. Coverage is limited to manufacturer installed components. (Coverage does not include any removable components such as Remote Controls, DVDs or CD Roms).


24 Hour Roadside Assistance: Your Vehicle will be covered up to ten (10) occurrences over the term of Your Service Contract: towing benefits up to a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per occurrence and lock out service, fuel, fluid, or battery boost/jump (excluding the cost of fluids or fuel) to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence. If Your Vehicle requires Roadside Assistance, You must contact the Road Service Processing Center for prior approval and assistance. You will be provided with Your Roadside Assistance number in the welcome letter You receive from the Administrator.
Please Note: The 24 Hour Roadside Assistance benefit is not intended to provide reimbursement of service secured independently of this program. Fees for services incurred independently are NOT covered.

Rental Benefit: A maximum of $175.00 will be approved for any authorized repair visit. Reimbursement is a maximum of $35.00 per day. Any authorized repair which requires the Vehicle to be left at a repair facility will qualify for one (1) day of rental reimbursement. Parts delays will qualify for up to three (3) days of reimbursement. Delays for inspection required by the Administrator qualify for up to one (1) day of rental reimbursement. In no case will reimbursement cover days that the Vehicle was not in the repair facility or exceed the actual cost included on the rental receipts.

Trip Interruption Intervention: We will, in the event of Mechanical Failure of a vehicle service contracted [warranted] Vehicle component, reimburse You one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day for a maximum of three hundred( $300.00) for meals and lodging providing the failure occurs one hundred (100) or more road miles from the home of record. This includes expenses incurred between the breakdown time and time the repairs are completed.

For the most accurate and up to date description of coverage, please view the actual contract here: Royal IAP OEM Coverage Plan Contract


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