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Peoples Vehicle Protection Powertrain Plus Coverage Plan

For the most accurate and up to date description of coverage, please
view the actual contract here: PVP Powertrain Plus Coverage Plan Contract

Covered Components:

Engine: Crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, internal timing gears, timing chain, camshaft, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies and push rods, pistons and rings, wrist pins, cylinders, connecting rods, distributor drive gear, all internal components of engine block and cylinder heads, if damage is caused by mechanical failure of an internally lubricated part. Gaskets and external seals will be covered if their replacement is necessary to complete an otherwise authorized repair. Cracked engine block, cylinder heads, and piston cylinders are not covered. Broken crankshaft is covered if break is caused by either bearings or piston failure. Valve guides are covered only when guide sleeves have not slipped below original position.

Transmission/Transaxle: The internal components of the automatic transmission or manual transmission. Drive chain gears, carrier bearings, and internal transaxle seal. The manual transmission case and automatic transmission case and torque converter, transfer case, drive gears, forks, bearing thrust washer, bushing, washer, and housing are covered, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.

Differential Assembly Components (2 & 4 wheel drive): (Front & rear) differential housing including pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, ring and pinion gears, carrier assembly, washers, axles, axle bearings.

Cooling System: Water pump, thermostat, mixture control valve, overflow reservoir.

Fuel System: Fuel pump, pressure regulator, fuel injector.

Optional Coverage

Air Conditioner: Compressor, however if the damaged or malfunctioning compressor causes damage to the expansion valve, or receiver dryer, the damaged component(s) will be replaced. Coverage applies to factory installed, non-retrofitted units only.


Substitute Transportation: Up to $30.00 per 8-hour labor charge (ninety $90 maximum per claim).

24 Hour Roadside Assistance: Includes, but is not limited to: lock out service, battery assist, tow service and road assistance. Coverage is available up to ten (10) times over the term of this Service Contract. Towing coverage provides up to fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence, other benefits provide up to twenty five dollars ($25.00) per occurrence. Benefits do not include the cost of any parts, fluids or fuels. You must contact the Road Service Processing Center for prior approval and assistance. You will be provided with Your Roadside Assistance number in the welcome letter You receive from the Administrator.

For the most accurate and up to date description of coverage, please view the actual contract here: PVP Powertrain Plus Coverage Plan Contract


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